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2021 Events

The following events are conditional and
will only take place depending on the
current regulations in force.
We kindly ask for your understanding.


Badische Weinmessen – At this wine fair you have the opportunity to taste the complete range of Ihringen wine and sparkling wine specialties. We look forward to your visit.

30 April - 02 May // Spring Wine Fair
Badisches Weinhaus Bödecker


08 - 09 May // Spring Wine Fair
Badischer Wein Monika Resch
Eching/ Deutenhausen

28 - 30 May // Spring Wine Fair
Badisches Weinhaus Werner
Liederbach am Taunus

15. Mai // Ihringer Wine Tasting

A stroll through the wineries of Ihringen: 16 wine producers from Ihringen and Wasenweiler as well as 4 guest winemakers present their wines at four different locations in the village. Small culinary delicacies will be served in the courtyards of the wineries by the local gastronomy. The day can be rounded off at the wine lounge on Ihringen's Rathausplatz from 7 pm onwards.

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