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News from Ihringen

October 2020 // AWC VIENNA - International Wine Challenge: IHRINGER Pinot Noir wins the Trophy!

The AWC VIENNA is considered to be the largest officially recognized wine competition in the world.
The figures for the Wine Challenge 2020 confirmed this once again and are impressive as always: 11,232 wines from 1510 wine producers from 41 countries.

In a first blind tasting round, all 11,232 wines were tasted anonymously. The international 100-point system was used for the evaluation. During the so called master tasting, a parallel blind tasting was conducted to determine the trophy winner of each variety from the six best placed in each category.

In 2020 the Ihringer Winzergenossenschaft became the winner of the trophy with their Uringa 962 Winklerberg Spätburgunder Réserve of the vintage 2016 which is thus the best wine of its category worldwide!


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